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"Making the Impossible, Possible" 

Hi Pastor:
I emailed you last week about a meeting with my wife just out of the blue. She tried pushing my buttons and was here to see if i did change like people have told her. While I was at cell group enjoying fellowship and praying with my new friends. When I came home my truck was filled with things from our house, her mother called and she took my truck and they filled her car and the truck and came home while we were praying for our restoration and other peoples prayer requests. I found your ministry about a month ago and even had tell people at church that told me to move on that I believed in the marriage covenant.
Praise God.


Dear Pastor Doreen,
I hope you're doing well. I wrote to you with my praise report about a month ago telling you that my husband had come home PTL. I didn't hear back from you, but I wanted to say thank you for your words of support each day that made me feel stronger and stronger through my dark paths. I was reading this daily delights again and was remembering how a year ago I was sitting reading e-mails such as this with tears and hurt. I was remembering how you mentioned over and over again not to give up. Not to listen to our friends, family and even our pastor if they didn't agree with restoration. I remember how your Bible verses ALWAYS guided me in the right direction. I remembered how I would read your e-mails and say, "would my marriage really be restored?". Well, I am a living testimony today that Our Almighty God does restore marriages!! He is the Lord of the Impossible. My situation seemed impossible and my husband told me over and over again that he would not return and that he was in love with other woman.
Today, he is here with me. Of course, I had to learn to let the Lord do His job. I didn't have to help Him because our Almighty God is powerful and knows when and how to do things, definitely NOT in our timing. It took me a while to realize this, but I praise the Lord today for my restoration and continue to pray because the enemy is now attacking even more. But there is no "weapon formed against me that will prosper". I now know this is a a FACT.


Thank you Pastor once again for being such a wonderful woman of God. 
Thank you for helping me find hope, for helping to wait for the blessing the Lord had for me, thank you for being the Lord's messenger. I pray that the Lord continue to bless you tremendously in this beautiful ministry that has helped so many of us. 
With much love

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